Hyun Sook Tekin

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Hyun Sook Tekin

Hyun Sook Tekin

Hyun Sook Tekin was born in Daegu, South Korea. Her musical studies began at the age of six when she started to receive private tuition in piano. Between 1989 and 1994 she won first prize on several occasions in the Young Pianist Competition in Daegu. In 1996 she achieved the highest mark in the entrance examinations of the Kyung Pook National University – College of Fine Art and Music and consequently gained the Special Scholarship of the Rector. As a student of Prof. Jung she attended the Music College of Kyung Pook National University in Daegu, beginning in 1996 and graduating from the Piano department with bachelor degrees in both Piano Major and Music Pedagogy in 2000. During her University education she accompanied for several professional opera societies, such as Opera Young Nam at Daegu, and performed in various chamber ensembles on the piano. Most of these concerts were broadcast by Korean Television.

In 2000 she moved to Germany where she trained in Berlin under Prof. Kupfernagel and in Leipzig under Prof. Erber. Between 2001 and 2004 she studied with the famous pianist Prof. Klaus Schilde, who was a pupil of Walter Gieseking and Marguerite Long, in the Hochschule für Musik-Franz Liszt in Weimar and received a Master’s degree in February 2004. During this period she studied Chamber Music with Prof. Beetz (Abegg Trio). She also completed masterclasses with Prof. Mishory (Freiburg), Prof. Schirmer (Mannheim), Prof. Kehrer (Zürich), Prof. Mia Paul (North Texas Univ.).

Between 2004 and 2010 she continued her piano studies as a doctorate student at MIAM, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), in Turkey with the State Artist Ayşegül Sarıca and completed her Ph. D. thesis on R. Schumann’s miniature piano pieces which are related to literary ideas under the advisorship of Prof. Dr. Cihat Aşkın and Prof. Judith Uluğ.

Dr. Tekin has been invited regularly by the Afyon Music Festival where she gave many recitals. In 2012, she played Mozart’s piano concerto with the Praguemodern Ensemble at the opening concert. In 2013 she is invited to give master classes and seminar as a guest professor at the Bologna Conservatory in Italy. She has also given concerts at the Verona Piano Festival, Contemporary Music Festival (ITU), St. John Classical Music Festival, Piano Summer Ohrid, and Pharos Music Foundation. She has participated in International Music Symposiums and she is currently working on several articles about musical symbolism. In 2013, she played U. C. Erkin’s concerto with the Istanbul State Orchestra for the goodwill concert between Turkey and Korea which is organized by the both government. This concert is praised by the U. C. Erkin Foundation. Since 2008 she has been working at Marmara University and performing regularly with the Marmara Flute Trio Trio’le and chamber music ensemble. Since 2013 she is the chairman of the music department working as an Associate Prof. Dr. at Marmara University.

Her pianism and concentration to music has been praised by numerous critics and audiences. Her former piano teacher Prof. Klaus Schilde has said that ‘Sie versuchte immer in das Wesen und das Eigentliche der Werke einzudringen…dass ich sicher bin, dass Frau Tekin die o.a. Eigenschaften als wesenseigen immer behalten wird.’ (She was always seeking to penetrate into the entity and essence of the works…I am sure that this will remain one of Ms. Tekin’s defining characteristics.)

Hyun Sook Tekin has performed in various chamber music concerts and solo recitals in Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, and Turkey.

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